Michael Silverstone Art Studio

Expand your mind

Artist Michael Silverstone is proud to present the designer’s gallery. The gallery specializes in sculpting and designing raw materials, transforming them into art that respects the raw materials provided by the Lord. Art consumers are people who consider the human spirit a divine value. Works of art expand the mind and offer a deep layer to the place most important to man, his home. Michael Silverstone sculpts and designs art, using various old and ancient methods that set forth a unique look for every item. Every work of art leaving the gallery conveys a message. Israel’s heritage and the symbols of the Jewish people are delicately intertwined in each piece.

For the stone will cry out of the wall

Psalms says: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”. According to the artist, Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and the holiest site for all world religions, symbolizes spirituality in the world. The artist walks the alleys of Jerusalem to gain inspiration, touch the stones of the Western Wall and sense their history. “For the stone will cry out of the wall”, said the Prophet Havakuk. It is the material and tangible stones of the Western Wall that will tell the story of the Jewish Nation. The final verse of the Book of Chronicles speaks of the importance of Jerusalem: “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says: The Lord, the God of heaven, has given me all the kingdoms of the earth and he has appointed me to build a temple for him at Jerusalem in Judah. Any of his people among you may go up, and may the Lord their God be with them.” (2 Book of Chronicles, 36:23).

Art with a message and heritage.

The artist chose to dedicate his life to works that will perpetuate the Jewish legacy in Israel. The bond to the land and soil bread the artist’s unique ceramic works. The gallery serves many clients in Israel and around the world. Whether an authentic Jewish piece or an ornamental sculpture it is vital for us to maintain the spirituality and the message conveyed to its observers.

Not just ceramics. 24K gold, silver, platinum, copper, steel, concrete, clay and more. Michael Silverstone sculpts in all materials. There is no creation too “big” or too “small”. A great deal of thought, planning, execution, and handwork goes into every item. We are pleased to invite you to the gallery. A tour of the various spaces will reveal sculpting styles that you have never seen before. The artist’s imprint is evident in every crevice and bulge, gold plating and dye.

“Twelve Tribe Clocks”

Two giant clocks – “Twelve Tribe Clocks” – were hung at both sides of the Western Wall in 2016.  The artist’s works can be found in museums, public squares and the homes of world leaders.  Every piece is handmade.  The gold and platinum plating is intended to highlight details and intensify the viewing experience.  Using innovative techniques and methods unique to the artist, he creates powerful 3-D creations, resistant to all weather conditions, handed down through the generations and relating the story of the Jewish people.

the Production Process

Perfection is in the fine details

The road to a perfect creation has many stations. Long before turning to the clay, there are stages no less critical for creating a fantastic result. At Michael Silverstone studio, every small detail is equivalently important as the bigger ones. “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together,” said famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Perfection is in the fine details; every blow of the hammer and every etch of the chisel provide a guarantee for product perfection.

The preliminary stage is the need.

When a person commissions an item for his home, office or lobby, he has a need, whether it is to replace an old creation, cover a wall or bestow an unforgettable gift whose value increases over time. Sometimes, a person does not need an item for the office but is powerfully drawn to a certain area. Some will want the ocean view or a relic of their hometown while others prefer the sculpture of an animal or a figure of their parents. Michael Silverstone studio is powerfully linked to Jerusalem, the Western Wall, and Israeli Judaic art. Some will prefer a useful Hannukah menorah made by the artists, while others will seek an amazing wall sculpture. To each his own.

After completing the first stage and understanding the need and desire, the artist will gladly meet to analyze the details. The gallery staff will raise ideas that can be integrated into the piece, the customer will understand the work process and come back with a more robust understanding of the final concept. The parties will agree and specify the work process together, after which the sketching stage will begin. The customer will be presented with several pencil sketches and/or a quick gypsum casting and/or a computer rendering for final approval.

Actual planning and construction.

Sometimes, things that look good in reality.  Building the initial model while placing an emphasis on dimensional ratios and the relationship between the entire piece and its intended location.  The customer will be part of the experience at every stage of model construction.  The process will be accompanied by video footage of the production process, all the way to the final stage.

Smell of cultivated land

Initial model approval is followed by preparation.  The artist will begin sculpting with natural clay.  His studio fills up with the smell of cultivated land based on an ancient formula passed down from father to son.  Elements will be created and erased, the clay will change form thousands of times until the artist steps back, observes the piece and once again takes a close look before saying “it’s drying time”.

After a natural drying process of two weeks in the summer, even longer in the winter, the piece will be put in an initial kiln.  The paintbrush will highlight the artist’s details and the glaze will underlie the 24K gold and platinum coating.  Coming out of the initial kiln, the piece will be decorated with gold and platinum and will then go into the second kiln, which will merge all of the materials into a single unit.

Some works will be subject to professional framing, while others – Hanukkah menorahs and sculptures – are ready for packaging. From there, the pieces will be meticulously packed and sent to our clients in Israel and abroad. 

The completed works will be placed in the customer’s home, a museum or city square. Once the small details are completed, the finished product is achieved.  For large pieces, the studio staff arrives to install.  The smaller pieces are insured and sent to any destination around the world.  A piece created by Michael Silverstone is a work of art with a tangible message, decorating the walls of homes, museums and more.  For further details, please contact us.