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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

All Dimensions of Jerusalem

A 3D story of the Temple in one frame

Code: jk-21

Frame, Judaica, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
122cm (48")
87cm (34.2")
15cm (5.9")
Ships in Crate
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Jerusalem ceramic art
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Every Jew’s dreams

For 3000 years, “Jerusalem” has been spoken by millions of Jews in awe and respect, with endless expectation and excitement.  Jerusalem as the light of the world, Jerusalem that was and is part of the Jewish people’s dreams throughout generations.  Jerusalem of the heavens and Jerusalem of the land, all trying to forge a connection in every Jew’s dreams.  Creating such a visual bond requires three merging elements: the artist’s hand, an illustrative talent, and a dream.

By the stones of the Western Wall

International artist Michael Silverstone, sculpting for decades, possesses the first to elements.  He is a virtuoso artist with a rare illustrative talent for creating a realistic and sweeping experience in his pieces.  Like all Jews of the world, Michael too years for it – the constructed Jerusalem.  His dream began when he first stood by the stones of the Western Wall and envisioned the Temple and the Western Wall.

A precise rendering of the details

The dream of creating an artistic installation to illustrate Jerusalem’s unique nature.  To afford anyone visiting the remnants of our Temple the opportunity to see it as it existed.  To this end, the artist consulted with many rabbis – the Rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch (Rabbi’s recommendation attached), Rabbi Koren and others – in order to achieve a precise rendering of the details.  In “All Dimensions of Jerusalem”, he realizes his dream of conveying the emotion and excitement that he felt when returning from silent prayer at the Western Wall until he stood on the stairs by the Western Wall.  In this piece, the artist presents the Temple intact, enabling viewers to understand exactly where the Western Wall stood at the Temple, to discover Jerusalem in all dimensions.

A ceramic 3D piece of art

“All Dimensions of Jerusalem” is a ceramic 3D piece that allows the viewer to touch the spirit, feel the pulsing stones of the Western Wall and hear their heartbeat as they silently reveal the story of Jerusalem.  A story that started over 3000 years ago and to which a new chapter is added with every passing day!