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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

The Circle Of Life | Old Jaffa bay

Code: jk-17

Nature, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
91cm (35.8")
77cm (30.3")
7cm (2.7")
Ships in Crate
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sea ceramic art
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Circle of Life

Childhood, adolescence, old age and eternal sleep, over and over again.

In “Circle of Life,” the artist sculpts the bittersweet cycle of joy and sadness experienced by all.

An outstanding sculpture of a grandfather and grandson standing on a stone pier, looking out at the landscapes of the Old Jaffa Port against the backdrop of Tel Aviv’s modern towers, fishermen’s boats vs. motorboats.

The grandfather presents the roots to the grandson, relating the past, on the one hand, while offering advice for the future, on the other.

Jaffa port served visitors to the Land of Israel for millennia

There is a reason that the artist chose to sculpt the Jaffa Port with the little boats. It is considered among the most ancient ports in the world.

Prophet Jonah fled to Tarshish through this port, as written: “But Jonah ran away from the Lord and headed for Tarshish”.

He went down to Jaffa, where he found a ship bound for that port…” (Jonah 1:3). The port served visitors to the Land of Israel for millennia.

The port water is not deep enough to receive ships. In the past, ships would anchor at sea, and the people and cargo were unloaded with small barges and boats.

That is why, during storms, the ships set out to sea to avoid being swept to the shore.

Salty air, mixed in with the smell of fresh fish

The shore is a center for fishermen. Thousands of fishermen stand at the port, awaiting their catch.

The scent of salty air, mixed in with the smell of fresh fish, accompany the port visitors from afar.

The port is now closed to ships. The old historical port is a tourist center with multiple commercial centers, restaurants, and attractions.

Since the port is adjacent to the Tel Aviv beach, its visitors can see the old structures against the tall and sparkly hotels and office buildings. Old vs. news, old vs. young, past and present leading to the future. The Circle of Life.

Viewers are amazed by the fine detail within the frame. The 3D front pier affords the piece a sense of depth and life.

The Andromeda Stone at the entrance to the port comes out of the water.

One can feel and touch the history of the ancient Jaffa Port, look at the walls, stairs, and boats for hours – just as the grandfather looks back at the past while his grandson looks toward the future.