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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

King’s Palterin (Hall) Hannukia | Judaica Menorah

Hanukkah Menorah that would awaken chills and emotion

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Sculpture, Handmade, Holiday
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
60CM (23.6")
55cm (21.6")
23cm (9")
Ships in Crate
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King's Palterin (Hall) Hannukia
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King’s Palterin (Hall) Hannukia | Jerusalem Art

“King’s Palterin (Hall) Hannukia” is a masterpiece combining the Western Wall and the Temple, depicted through a profound and astounding 3D ceramic creation, with an ornate Hannukah Menorah set within the Jerusalem walls. The Menorah sides consist of adorned columns covered by a sculpted arch that defines the piece from above. The meticulous planning, along with the gold and platinum glazed cladding, is intended to reflect a bright light as the Hannukah candles burn.

The Hannukah Menorah & the Temple

The connection between the Hannukah Menorah and the Temple is a natural one. In the age of the Hasmoneans, the Romans entered the Temple and desecrated the oils used to light it. One small jug of oil remained sealed by the High Priest of Israel (HaCohen HaGadol), retaining its purity. Our Sages knew that it would take at least eight days to prepare a new batch of pure oil and, nevertheless, poured the jug’s contents into the Menorah and lit it. The oil in the pure jug kept burning for eight days until the new oil could be prepared. It is thanks to this miracle that homes in Israel are filled with candlelight throughout the eight days of Hannukah.

Touch and feel the Temple

“King’s Palterin (Hall) Hannukia” was created with a deep understanding of the link between the Temple and Hannukah. It allows the viewer to touch and feel the Temple and to truly experience being in the King’s Palterin; to touch the hall of the Lord and focus on the precise details that the artist wished to emphasize. With this piece, the artist intended to sculpt a Hannukah Menorah that would awaken chills and emotion, reminding you of the Hannukah miracle for many years.

Custom made Hannukia

At Michael Silverstone Art Gallery you can get the Hanuukia you’ve always dreamed of. 24K Gold, 925 Silver, Concrete, Iron, Bronze and more. Contact us and we’ll be glad to advice.