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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

The Brick’s Tale

Code: jk-26

Frame, Judaica, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
250CM (98.4")
152CM (59.8")
15CM (5.9")
Ships in Crate | Installation at the customer's location
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Jerusalem's ceramic art
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The tradition says that the Western Wall was built by King David himself. This remnant of the Temple attracts thousands of people every day, all yearning to touch the sacred stones. Tears were shed on each and every stone of the Wall, carrying silent prayers. This piece meticulously recreates the Western Wall: every little detail depicted exactly the way it is in real life.

The Western Wall is special, as it was built by King David himself

The Brick’s Tale is a piece that embodies the millennia of Jewish existence by the Western Wall.  The Western Wall, a remnant of the Second Temple, attracts hundreds of thousands of Jews every month, seeking to feel closer to the site that most symbolizes us as a nation.  The Western Wall is not limited to Jews, many people join the Jewish nation as they visit and touch the sacred stones.  According to tradition, the sanctity of the Western Wall is special, as it was built by King David himself, the rest of the Temple was built by his son, King Solomon.  Tears were shed on each and every stone of the Western Wall, carrying silent prayers and heart-rending cries.  When ending a prayer, it is customary to place a note with names of family members, requests and wishes among the Western Wall stones.

Touch & feel the stone, hear the echo…

Viewing this creation, people will identify their individual link to the Western Wall.  “The Brick’s Tale” bears several interpretations.  Some seek to speak to the stones, others wish to listen to its message, while others prefer to talk about them.  Through this piece, the artists wish to instill in the viewer the emotion, love, longing, and prayers of those who conduct a pilgrimage to the remnant of our Temple.  A wonderful 3D creation will exude an atmosphere of sanctity, splendor, and exaltedness wherever it is placed.  You can touch and feel the stone, place your ear against it to hear the echo of prayers coming out of the stones.  The crevices, plants, structure and men and women’s section portray a replica of the Western Wall.

“The Brick’s Tale”, a masterpiece of gold and platinum coated ceramics, which will leave its viewers in awe.  Through meticulous handiwork, the artist reconstructs the site on which all people of the world set their sights.  Wherever it goes, the piece will exemplify the power of the Western Wall.  “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill.  Let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth, if I remember thee not”, “The Brick’s Tale”, a must-have creation for lovers of art, Judaica and Jewish tradition.