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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

The Twelve Tribes Clock

One of two huge clocks hanging at the Western Wall

Code: jk-12

Clock, Judaica, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
115cm (45.2")
115cm (45.2")
12cm (4.7")
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12 tribes clock ceramic art
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The artist’s deep thought and talent.

This creation embodies all of the artist’s desires. It is binding the twelve tribes of Israel, the sons of Jacob, with Jerusalem and the Temple. This piece, designed over many years, reflects the artist’s deep thought and talent. No doubt that this his most important creation. A giant clock, divided into twelve equal sections, one for each tribe. The salvation of the Jewish people reflected in the tribes’ unity. The High Priest’s breastplate (HaChoshen) is incomplete without the twelve stones representing each tribe.

12 Tribes Clock in the Western Wall

The twelve tribes symbols

Applying an artist’s touch and with great awe, the artist began sculpting the symbols of the tribes. Reuben’s mandrakes, Simon and the city of Nablus. The Levy breastplate and crown of Judah. The Torah knowledge of Issachar and the Zebulun ship embarking to sea. Dan will judge its nation with the scales and Naftali’s gazelle. Gad in its tent and Asher’s olive trees. Joseph’s stalks of wheat and Benjamin’s fox. Each side presents an etching of a tribe’s name. A sculpture of the Temple appears at the center of the clock, demonstrating that unity among all sons of Jacob, the tribes of Israel, will lead to the construction of the Temple. The Twelve Tribe Clock is decorated with various reliefs and ornaments on every side.

Twelve Tribes Clock in the Western Wall | Ceramic Art

Design for two wall clocks to be hung at the Western Wall Plaza

The artist always prayed that his creations would help the People of Israel. The invitation he expected came to him in 2015 (5775). The artist was asked to present a design for two wall clocks to be hung at the Western Wall Plaza. When he came up with the idea of the Twelve Tribes Clock and showed it to the rabbis and decision makers, they could not refuse him. This started the race against time toward executing the project that the artist so awaited. Dozens of sketches were prepared until the final model was achieved.

After a bit more than a year, two solid gold and platinum plated ceramic clocks were hung on the Western Wall, one at the women’s section and the other at the entrance to the men’s section. The clocks have been hanging there since then.

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