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Michal Silverstone Art presents:

Y & E | Wall Sculpture

Custom wall sculpting

Code: jw-72

Judaica, Handmade, Wall Sculpture
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
300CM (118.1")
190CM (74.8")
15CM (5.9")
Ships in Crate | Installation at the customer's location
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Y&E | Custom wall sculpture

This piece was created for Y&E, their initials are etched in the upper stones of the two windows overlooking the Temple and Tower of David. The artist designed the Jerusalem windows to meet the client’s request, who wanted to experience Jerusalem’s old scents in his living room. The sculpture exceeds the frame, each detail handmade by the artist. You can touch the Western Wall Tunnel, sense the stones of Jerusalem and decorate your home with a unique wall sculpture.

Jerusalem’s landscapes

At the couple’s request, the Western Wall stones were accurately reproduced. The opening of the tunnels leading to the Temple on the other side of the Western Wall was their dream. The couple adores Jerusalem’s landscapes, roofs, doorways and walls. The idea was approved after two sketches were prepared, culminating in a wall sculpture in their new home.

With a timeless creation like this one, you can experience the past and design the future as you wish, illuminate your living room with an asset that will remain for many years to come, conveying a message to future generations and serving as an attraction for your guests.