Artistic Plates

Each plate bearing a story of its own – the history of the Jewish People, home blessings, landscapes and more – all sculpted on his famous wall plates.

To pray in a synagogue, to feel in Jerusalem. We will create & design a masterpiece art for your synagogue. From Torah’s ark and Memorial boards to Synagogue decoration.

For home

Sculptures and pieces by Michael Silverstone are intended to infuse a depth of thought, Jewish tradition, decorations and an added value every year.  You can design an entire wall as you wish, sculpt an ornate garden statute or place the Jerusalem Lion in your living room, light a fancy Hannukah menorah that tells the story of Jerusalem or peak through the Temple crevices.

Union Workers' gifts

Let’s embark on an artistic journey to the company’s roots, history and future plans, designing them into a unique work of art for the employees.

All vases are designed and hand-sculpted, one by one. Each vase has a story of its own, a statement of its own.

One of a Kind

One of a kind pieces range from a small work of art to large statues. Some creations are based on a special inspiration and there is no other copy of them in the world. Some may be numbered and sold as individual pieces of a limited, one-time edition and sometimes the piece is commissioned on a personal level and the artist undertakes not to reproduce it.

For office & Lobby

Michael Silverstone’s art is world-renowned.  Offices, business and hotels around the world display various creations, ranging from small items to wall sculpting & decoration. 

Framed Artwork

The artist personally chooses the frames, and some are produced at the gallery. Some framed works are sculpted directly onto the frame.


Let’s embark on an artistic journey of our roots and together design the piece that you’ve dreamed of. 

City Squares & Monuments

Wall Sculpting

Judaica Art

The Judaica gallery consists of all works of art relating to Judaism. Candlesticks, Hanukkah menorahs, mezuzah casings, Seder and Rosh Hashanah dishes and more.

Personalized Gifts

Customized gifts. You can order any existing art item with personal caption. Sculpted with ceramics, or a personal gold sign. All according to your taste.

Sabbath & Holidays

The Jewish holidays and festivities are a tradition spanning thousands of years.  Each holiday is set in the Hebrew calendar, beginning and ending at dusk.


Landscape, trees and various sights designed by the artist, telling the story and conveying the experience in a realistic manner.