Artistic Plates

When designing a home, any dull wall can be transformed into a designed and interesting attraction.  There are many kinds of home styling methods.  Plates are round objects that can be hung or placed on a shelf.  Hanging similar elements on a wall creates an amazing artistic installation where there is a common link among them.  Wall plates are a popular culture around the world and in various cultures.  Plates are a symbol of wealth.  The 16th century elite used to break plates at events as a sign of the host’s wealth.  In Judaism, a plate is broken at engagement ceremonies and when a plate breaks, everyone says “Mazal Tov”.

Porcelain, ceramic, glass, crystal and other plates will transform your wall into a story, each plate with its own story and history.  Michael Silverstone’s wall plates are made mostly of clay.  The material processing and sculpting process requires meticulous artwork.  Every wall plate is naturally dried for two weeks in the summer, after which they will be placed in a kiln for forging and sealing.  The wall plates will undergo painting, gold plating, platinum plating and other processes before they are packaged and shipped to the client.

The artist’s wall plates decorate the walls of many homes and offices in Israel and around the world.  Each plate bearing a story of its own – the history of the Jewish People, home blessings, landscapes and more – all sculpted on his famous wall plates.  These plates will enrich the wall with meaning and depth, a historical message and hope for the future, integrated in a single piece of art placed on a shelf.  The gallery will be happy to design any plate you desire.  As worker union gifts with a sculpted company logo or as a private gift.  The artist will be happy to design wall plates of any material, size, shape and finishing.  Contact us and we will be happy to design wall plates to amaze your guests.