Artistic Vases

People have been using clay pots and vases for millennia for daily uses and as ornaments to decorate temples and mansions.  Through history, potters around the world toiled to create decorative clay vases.  The ancient Greeks decorated their clay pots with mythological depictions.  Sculpted and hand painted vases, new and old, are considered prestigious works of art.  China exported decorated porcelain jugs in thousands of colors and styles and Holland introduce the classic European porcelain jugs.

artistic vase | Ceramic Art
An Artistic Vase made be Ceramics, 24k Gold & Platinum

Each vase has its own design

Each vase has its own design, each with its own leg.  The leg often has a protruding edge and sometimes it is hidden.  Over the base is a container comprising the main portion of the vase’s design.  The vase will end as the container reaches the top or will be extruded to create a “vase neck”.   Vases can be designed with different finishes – straight, styled or as a spout.

 Artist Michael Silverstone and the gallery staff will be happy to design any vase that you can imagine, of any size, shape and material.  The vases in this archive are among dozens of samples and designs created over the years.  The artist’s vases can be found on many shelves and in designed displays around the world.  Vases designed to organizational and company request were bestowed as gifts to volunteers and unions in Israel and abroad.  All vases are designed and hand-sculpted, one by one.  Each vase has a story of its own, a statement of its own.  The artist will convey your story with an artistic vase that will remain an eternal memento and piece of art whose value increases over time.