Companies & Union Gifts

Art for Companies & Unions

In preparations for holidays and weekends, employees of public bodies, organizations and large corporations await a quality and useful gift from their union.  Company management will provide unions with a budget to purchase gifts for the employees.  Evaluating the perfect gift is a long but worthy process.  Many unions will wish to give their employees a gift of added value, a unique gift that will embody the company objectives, on the one hand, and comprise a work of art, appreciating over the years, on the other.

A meticulously sculpted piece by the artist

The Michael Silverstone gallery creates unique gifts for unions in Israel and around the world.  When a company logo is integrated into a work of art, it takes on a different meaning and improves the company’s prestige.  No more camping products, houseware, coupons, gadgets, and candy baskets. A meticulously sculpted piece by the artist, conveying a message about the company’s tradition and heritage.  The company logo can be designed and sculpted as a shelf product bearing specific texts.  The option of individualizing each piece with the employees’ names. Selecting a gift by employee status and developing it from various materials – clay, concrete, steel, copper, gold, silver, platinum, and more.  If a junior employee is given a beautiful sculpture, managers can have the same in platinum and board members in 24K gold — all according to the union’s selection.

unique work of art for the employees

Artifacts by the artists are collected by Judaica collectors worldwide.  A gift that will promote company prestige and perpetuate company values will be appreciated by all employees.  Sculpting individualized gifts conveys a warm and personal message from management.  A sculpture of the company building, logo or their integration in existing products is something that we do often.  The gallery staff will be happy to accompany the union in the selection process with sketches and 3D simulations.  Photos and video footage of the production process will be sent to the union to ensure that the employees’ gift is exactly what they want.  Let’s embark on an artistic journey to the company’s roots, history and future plans, designing them into a unique work of art for the employees.

miniature ceramic art judaica
Model of - "The fig Monument" is presented to the mayor of Betar