Judaica Art

Paintings, sculptures, literature, architecture and Jewish ceremonial art bearing the symbols, culture and customs of the Jewish people are collectively called Judaica.  This is the name used for all Jewish art pieces.  Collectors of Judaica will do everything to obtain a unique item of Jewish art that exists nowhere else; whether it is an ancient Siddur (Jewish prayer book), Tallis or Shofar that survived the World War, tefillin, candlesticks, Hannuka menorahs, an Etrog case, etc.  Collectors are not necessarily ultra-religious.  Some non-observant Jews, atheists and even non-Jews purchase Judaica items.  The main reason is that they are not used only for the religious ceremony, but they are also special artistic and ornamental pieces.

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Many people purchase Judaica for various reasons.  The gallery enjoys a diverse customer base – some are impressed solely of the uniqueness and artistic beauty, others consider every item of Judaica a tool for performing a mitzvah, and there are others in between.  Our clients appreciate the artist’s attention to detail, values the quality of the material and its durability under all weather conditions and mainly relates to the message derived of each item, small and large alike.  All of these ensure that the artist’s Judaic items are unique, valuable and decorative.  Our clients include Judaica collectors who have ordered a unique Hanukkah menorah or wall sculpture, thinking that its value will increase and appreciate over the years.

The Judaica gallery consists of all works of art relating to Judaism.  Candlesticks, Hanukkah menorahs, mezuzah casings, Seder and Rosh Hashanah dishes and more.  If you are interested in a unique piece, artist Michael Silverstone will be happy to design it for you.  Unique Judaica can be sculpted in various materials – clay, steel, copper, concrete, gold, silver, platinum or a combination of them, all as the client wishes and based on his dream of a unique Judaic item.  Let’s embark on an artistic journey from planning to completion.  The client will accompany the creative process from beginning to end – sketches, 3D renderings and video clips of the process will be sent to the client.  The gallery staff will do everything to ensure that the ordered Judaic item is exactly what the client dreamed of.

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