Landscape Art

“There’s something about a primeval landscape that was not yet blemished by man and industry that inspires me.  Seeing the fundamental good in the world” (Michael Silverstone).  Trees, fruit, flowers, sky, grass, desert, sea, springs, shrubbery, animals and insects.  Look around you with your eyes open.  This material called earth, given to us by G-d, is amazing.  The desert sands resemble the waves of the stormy sea and an oasis is like a calm island in the ocean.  The fruit of the red pomegranate, bearing a crown and containing hundreds of sweet red fruit.  Giant rocks covering the horizon over hills and valleys.  All of these are the artist’s inspiration.

Landscape, trees, and various sights

The ability to capture the moment at which the primordial landscape stopped and express it through an artistic sculpture that conveys the artist’s inspiration is among the artist’s wonderful talents.  Every year, shortly after Passover, the artist leaves his home for ten days to observe nature, to see the curves that the rain etched onto the soil, to stare into the waterfalls and the eroded rocks, to pick up pebbles and breathe in the fresh air.  This is a time of spiritual purification, with no phones and contact with the external world.

Most of the artist’s works are linked to the People of Israel and its customs, but his first piece after the “Spiritual Cleanse” will also be related to nature or another inspiration that he experienced that year.  The gallery presents all of the works of art that inspired the artist during his annual tours.  Landscape, trees, and various sights designed by the artist, telling the story and conveying the experience realistically.