Monuments & City Squares

An urban transportation trend has been gaining momentum over the last decades – the traffic circle.  These circles are intended to route urban traffic rapidly and without traffic lights.  The traffic circle consists of at least three entrance and exit points.  Vehicles slow down to a stop, merge into the circle and drive to the desired exit.  This method was found to be safer in urban settings.

the fig sculpture
Model of - "The fig Monument" is presented to the mayor of Betar

Sculpting monuments at traffic circles and city squares

The traffic center introduces an “island” of unutilized public space.  These islands are called “squares” and are usually covered with a lawn or paving stones.  Nowadays, more and more municipalities and towns use these squares to design a sculpture.  The planning, production and design processes relating to an urban square are different and vary from one square to the next and one city to the other.  Each city has its own tradition and heritage, which it wishes to introduce to its visitors.

Sculpting monuments at traffic circles and city squares are among the gallery’s favorite projects.  The journey toward the perfect monument requires the best of our talents, beginning with the architect who approves the monument structure, electricians to connect electronic pyrotechnics and, above all, artist Michael Silverstone, who will not compromise on perfection.

a monument that everyone will talk about

There are monuments made by the artist at many squares in Israel.  The design process will be conducted together with city representatives.  After submitting initial sketches, a 3D simulation will be prepared in order to more authentically display the sculpture.  Once the sketches are approved, the artist will begin sculpting the monument.  Photos and video footage of the production process will be sent to the customers upon request.  After completing construction, a company engineer will position the base while the electricians install the electrical lines as needed.  Upon completing their work, the artists and his team will arrive on site to position the monument exactly as agreed with the city representatives.

If you are looking for a monument that everyone will talk about, for which drivers will slow down and for visitors to stop to take a picture, the gallery will design it for you. The artist will design an amazing sculpture for the city’s square, using any material you choose – clay, steel, metal, copper, gold, silver and platinum.  The monument will be made of one or more materials at your request.