One of a Kind

One-of-a-kind pieces are unique and very valuable.  Whether a wall sculpture with a personal element and models tailored to client wishes or a sculpture in an office or city square.  If you relate to the artist’s work and his ability to convey a tangible story with any material, all you have to do is select the material.  If you relate to his message, Michael Silverstone House is here to make your dream a reality, whether it is a shelf product or if you wish to purchase a unique model that no one else will own.


miniature ceramic art judaica
A miniature of - "The fig Monument" is presented to Rabbi Meir Rubinstein, the mayor of Beitar

Sculpting monuments at traffic circles and city squares

Michael Silverstone Art has been designing gifts for presidents and world leaders for over two decades.  The artist’s sculptures transform an ordinary city square into an urban work of art.  His framed pieces hang on the walls of living rooms, businesses, and offices along with wall sculptures fitted to the homes of private customers around the world and thousands of gifts of gratitude.  Above all, the artist was honored to hang two giant clocks at the Western Wall.  The clocks signify the return of all of Israel’s Tribes to the Promised Land, serving all Western Wall visitors on both sides.

Sculpting monuments at traffic circles and city squares

One of a kind pieces range from a small work of art to large statues.  Some creations are based on a special inspiration and there is no other copy of them in the world.  Some may be numbered and sold as individual pieces of a limited, one-time edition and sometimes the piece is commissioned on a personal level and the artist undertakes not to reproduce it.  Whether a unique sculpture of a polar bear or an enchanted city in the east, the artist will grant you exclusive rights to the piece, subject to an agreement.  You can keep it and increase its value as a unique, one of a kind, piece.  Alternately, the gallery will be happy to duplicate your exclusive piece.  Some will prefer to keep the creation to themselves, but they may also want miniaturized copies of the same piece.

Another kind of unique creations is the connection between an existing piece and additions requested by the customer.  If a client seeks a fancy Hanukkah menorah, a masterpiece for his Jewish living room that will bear the family name and other specific details, the gallery will be pleased to create it for you.  Before going into the initial kiln (link to the production process), the artist will design the additions that you requested and they will be part of your unique masterpiece.  You are, no doubt, one of a kind.

Not just ceramic sculpting.  The gallery will be happy to use any material of your choosing – gold, silver, bronze, concrete, aluminum and more.  Custom-made sculpting is a process in which the gallery staff closely escorts the client from concept to final product.