Michal Silverstone Art presents:

Al Chomotaich (On Your Walls)

"If I forget thee O Jerusalem let my right hand forget her cunning"

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Frame, Judaica, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
65cm (25.5")
57cm (22.4")
7cm (2.7")
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“…on your walls, Jerusalem”

The Book of Isaiah says: “I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem”.  The walls of Jerusalem have been an integral part of Jerusalem’s landscape throughout most of its existence.  The walls, intended to protect the city against enemies, exemplify the city’s importance.  The fall of the walls is a sign of destruction and grief.  According to the Jerusalem Talmud, we fast from dawn to dusk on 17 Tamuz, commemorating the day – three weeks before the destruction of the Temple – on which the walls were breached.

Most walls bear a character unique to Jerusalem.

Many walls were built over the years between the Temples and their destruction.  Most walls bear a character unique to Jerusalem.  The walls are the symbol for the Old City of Jerusalem and many tourists frequent the wall.  The piece depicts the landscape and horizon from “Jaffa Gate” in the West to the Tower of David and homes of Old Jerusalem in the west.  “The Tower of David”, built by Herod, is the highest point in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Until Jerusalem is built with the Temple.

“On your Walls” was inspired by the artist’s great love to Jerusalem, its landscapes and symbols.  It is a creation that breaks through borders, creating an endearing 3D character.  You can feel the walls and sense them as they both protrude and are etched in clay.  The structures of the Old City of Jerusalem are sculpted in the horizon, creating an authentic Jerusalem view.  The words “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill”, chanted at every Jewish festivity are etched at the bottom of the piece, reminding us that no joy is complete until Jerusalem is built with the Temple.