Michal Silverstone Art presents:

Light in the darkness | In the Spirit of President Trump

"If I forget thee O Jerusalem let my right hand forget her cunning"

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Frame, Judaica, Handmade
Ceramic, 24K Gold, Platinum
94cm (37")
77cm (30.3")
9cm (3.5")
Ships in Crate

In the Spirit of President Trump

This creation was given a name of honor.  “In the Spirit of President Trump” reflects one of U.S. President Donald Trump’s most poignant and unique moments – when he declared the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital of all times.  In protest, the lights illuminating the Dome of the Rock behind the Western Wall were extinguished. (Video on YouTube)

This view of the Western Wall, standing out with the Dome of the Rock in darkness, ignited the artist’s heart.  Using his chisels, the artist began scoping the image that he saw.  He chiseled the Western Wall Plaza and the entrance to the cave, the windows, and the building columns, using no paint and no gold cladding, with infinite simplicity, the power of “The Spirit of President Trump”.  The Western Wall is a beacon in the dark, a place where prayers are directed to world peace, health and success, a place that is illuminated by divine light against the dark world enveloped by the night.

Light of the World

Jerusalem is our home and the center of our existence, it exudes the sacred light of divine spirit.  Jerusalem is the light of the world, as stated: “Nations will come to your light
and who is the light of Jerusalem, the Blessed Lord ruled that G-D shall be your light’.” ~ Bereshit Rabbah 59:8.  It is not without reason that Jerusalem is called the “Light of the World”, our people’s endless love to the remnant of our Temple illuminates Jerusalem and the entire world.

“The Spirit of the President” is a creation that combines the Western Wall of yore, before it was built behind the Dome of the Rock, with the present, when President Donald J. Trump declared that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital city of the Jewish people.  On the day that the lights were turned out at the other side of the Western Wall, a strong and powerful light was revealed.  It is this emotion that the artist wishes to convey through this piece.

“Light in the Darkness” reflects the Jewish longing for the temple.  The black skies emphasize the darkness of the exile we have been suffering for millennia, compared to the great light exuding from the remnant of our Temple.  The “light” that illuminates the path for the people in Israel and marks its purpose.

The Western Wall is a recurrent and major motif in the works of Artist Michael Silverstone.  His intense affinity to the Temple remains and Jerusalem is evident in almost every creation.  Furthermore, the artist was able to realize his love for the Western Wall with two clocks of his making hanging at the sides of the Western Wall – one in the men’s section and one in the women’s section.